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Being a part of this&that brings results. We know this from all the amazing testimonials from happy advertisers. 

Andrew Pope Homes
We first started advertising in this&that magazine a year ago.  Our investment paid off after only a few ads.  We had just completed an advertorial featuring one of our customers and their build process.
A couple walked into our office after reading this at a local café and decided their story and situation was similar.  Within a couple of weeks they went to contract with us.  It’s not often that we have direct evidence of what advertising works; this was one of the most cost effective marketing choices we had ever made.
Nadine is a pleasure to deal with.  Her insight and advice has been a great support. We will continue to advertise in this&that magazine and would have no hesitation in recommending local business doing the same.
Michelle and Andrew Pope  –  August 2012
Andrew Pope Home, Scott Street, Blenheim | Ph: (03) 579 4803 | 

Heavens Above
Heavens Above is seven years old and relies on advertising to inform the community what we offer in retail and therapies. I withdrew my advertising from the newspapers after the first month of advertising in this&that. The response, space and exposure continues to attract new customers and clients. They become friends and the majority of new faces have confirmed they learned more about us in this&that. I am also proud to support Nadine and her staff, their personal touch and delivery of the magazine keeps us as a community ‘on the same page’.
Darlene Kenan
Heavens Above, Maxwell Road, Blenheim | Ph: (03) 579 1032

Wairau Pharmacy
At Wairau Pharmacy we know that advertising in this&that works as we regularly have customers with their copy of this&that in their hands looking for what we have advertised.  Your creativity and graphics for our advert production is second to none!  Our photos and colour quality are superb – and all this for extraordinary prices!  Great value
Carey Coleman, Retail Manager
Wairau Pharmacy, Scott St, Blenheim | Ph:  (03) 578 6022

Cerise Home and Giftware
We have been advertising regularly in this&that magazine for two years now and have found it to be a simple, cost effective means to advertise and promote new products within our store on a monthly basis.  Each month we provide the basic content and Nadine produces a professional advertisement complimented by interesting articles and editorial.  We feel the uniqueness of the magazine is that it is truly a local publication and everything you read about is available locally.
Theresa Smith  –  August 2012
Cerise Home and Giftware, Maxwell Road, Blenheim | Ph: (03) 577 8867

Naya Cunningham
– Clinical Hypnotherapist
I have a monthly ad in this&that because it’s an easy and convenient way to advertise. People often comment on how interesting the articles and advertisements are, and I like being part of the fun. Nadine has been fantastic with creative themes and ideas that help to inspire freshness in the ads from month to month.  Great service and extremely professional.
Naya Cunningham  –  August 2012  
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Blenheim | Ph: (03) 579 5606

Cherubs Childrenswear 
I have been advertising in this&that for approximately 2 years. The number one reason I continue is because of the service I receive,
I love the way I never feel pressured but great ideas are thrown my way, which makes it easy for me. I see people reading this&that regularly around the town, people love to pick it up because it is bright and easy to read, with an eye catching layout, and it has a local community feel. I have had direct evidence that my advertising has brought customers in my door to look for the products they have seen in this&that. I have found this&that to be the best exposure and value for money over other forms of advertising I have tried and for this reason it is now the only form of advertising I do.
Lynda Butt, Owner – September 2012
Cherubs Childrenswear, Wynen Street, Blenheim | Ph: (03) 577 7027

Appealing & Attractive, Inspiring & Entertaining…The little mag, That gets BIG Results!
Why advertise with us

We capture our readers when they are waiting or relaxing at places such as the cafe, doctors, dentist, hair salon - right when they have an idle moment so we have their full attention to digest and absorb the contents of this&that, and your advert. 

You’ll find our pages are not overloaded with advertising and with large advert size options you won’t get lost in the crowd. Also with just 24 pages our readers are likely to read from cover to cover and are easily able to absorb every page without being overwhelmed. 

We pride ourself on super competitive advertising rates providing an affordable and effective way of getting and keeping your name out there to your potential customers. 

We offer a complete marketing service, with ideas and advice on the best marketing plan for your business. We have tested and tailored our advertising plans and can offer you a range of options that get results! 

Our readers are very important to us at this&that. Our readers are your audience, they are reading and receiving your advertising message. As well as helping you to create enticing adverts to promote your business, a big part of our daily mission is continuing to publish informative, interesting and uplifting content, that is beautifully presented, to engage our readers and keep them coming back month after month! 

So who are our readers? 
Our main target audience is women aged 30-60, but a lot of men love to read this&that also! The key thing about our readers is they are people who are out and about eating, shopping, socialising, doing business, relaxing and going about their daily lives in the local area where your business is situated. They pick this&that up by choice to enjoy while they wait and they can even take it with them to share with their family, co-workers and friends. Reading this&that is a great way to spend an idle moment. 

Cost Effective, Captive Audience, Results Focused… just a few reasons why this&that is a great place to advertise your business. 

For further information and advertising options, please fill out the form below and an advertising consultant will be in touch with you shortly. We look forward to working with you to promote your business